KOI (60mg`200mg) CBD Gummies


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Unlike most CBD gummies — which spray CBD on their products — Koi takes the extra time to mix and roll our full-spectrum CBD blend into our gummies three times. Why? It evenly distributes the CBD throughout each piece, giving you the consistency and effectiveness that you deserve. This is a process that we pride ourselves in.

Our gummies are Crafted with both taste and efficacy in mind, these delicious snacks provide a punch of tropical fruit flavor with the restorative effects you expect from any other CBD product. Bursting with the flavors of lime, tangerine, and acai pomegranate, these delectable snacks provide plenty of flavor while restoring balance, naturally. In addition to that, gummy flavors can be ordered sweet or sour options! Which are you excited to try?

Try them for yourself to see how they can benefit your health and well being.

60mg Qty: 1 Packs of 6 Gummies
200mg Qty: 1 Packs of 20 Gummies